Couture flower in satin and organza with crystal, pearl and feathers


Responding to a client’s request for something special for a special family occasion – but one that she would be comfortable wearing both in terms of scale and drama. By designing a bespoke piece to match her outfit I could offer something unique that fitted with her impeccable understated style.

I am absolutely delighted with my gorgeous hair creation. It is beautiful and so exquisitely made. I had no idea what would work with my dress or even what I wanted – I just knew my wedding outfit was lacking something! Sarah’s clever couture creation was so much better than I could ever have envisioned. It ‘made the outfit’ – without it, I had a dress, shrug and shoes that were mediocre at best but, with it – ‘stunning’ (the bride’s words!). In fact, the bride was even asked if I was a celebrity!! It just goes to show – never underestimate the importance of a cleverly designed accessory. It brought everything together, making me feel ‘polished’ and confident. It was absolutely perfect for me in every detail (even in the accent colour) and suited my personality. There’s something very special in owning a bespoke hand crafted piece incorporating my favourite materials and beads – thank you!

SH, Woodley


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