C for Corona

C for Corona I really enjoy a challenge and this one proved no exception. A lovely lady, who dedicates so much of her time to the voluntary organisation, Corona International, wanted the organisation’s logo interpreted as a fascinator. The design aimed to bring in many International elements (in keeping with the ethos of Corona) from a version of the logo made from Thai silk in a Japanese kanzashi style to the precious and semi precious stones not to mention the good old British sterling silver. I aimed to keep it formal in format in keeping the clients style and status, with a specially blocked fascinator base just over 10cm so as to qualify, officially in society circles, as a hat.

To be painfully honest I hate making covered hair bands as my hands ache for hours afterwards, but this one was a bit more fun: I had been testing a new prototype that required a covered band recently and noticed that by the end of the day the band had become uncomfortable, so this time I added a little padding at the ends to help alleviate this.

At the last moment, however, I  got slightly cold feet, as the client had stressed that she is not really a ‘hat person’ I also prepared a scaled down version. My daughter preferred the smaller version, and I am, certain that it is a style that I will return to – I have a really quirky version in mind,but I love the drama of the larger version as for a 11cm fascinator I think it carries the punch of a much larger hat. What do you think?

Silk, precious and semi precious fascinator
Silk, precious and semi precious fascinator

OA lovely commission to interpret a logo


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